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If you are paid to do Scouting, you're called a Professional,
If you aren't paid to do Scouting, you're called a Volunteer,
If you pay to do Scouting, you're called a Scouter.


Are you a new leader?  Do you know what to do in your Scouting position?  Would you like some help in becoming a better leader for our boys?  Every scout deserves a trained leader.  There are lots of training opportunities in our council for all adult leader positions.  The first step is to check out our "Training" page and take the Cub Scout or Boy Scout Fast Start Training online.

Guide to Safe Scouting / Youth Protection Training

The Boy Scouts of America has established a number of rules and regulations which leaders must follow to provide a safe environment for scouting activities.  It's called the Guide to Safe Scouting.  It's "must" reading for every adult leader.   Another "must" for adult leaders is to attend a Youth Protection Training session (now available online).  The Boy Scouts of America has very specific rules about adults association with Scouts (it is for your protection as well as the boy's).  There are usually two sessions offered in each district every year.  Go to our "Training" page and choose the appropriate category of  training and you should see upcoming Youth Protection training sessions available.  If you or your other leaders need this training and it's not listed in the calendar, contact your District Executive.


Have you wondered what those knots are that some leaders have above the left pocket on their uniform?  One of the tenants of the Boy Scout program is recognition.  Cub Scouts strive to earn the Arrow of Light Award.  Likewise, Boy Scouts work toward the Eagle rank.  Adult volunteers also like to be recognized for their dedication and accomplishments.   These knots are the outward recognition of the accomplishments of the adult.  You can download many of the award applications from the Forms area ("Adult Recognition Forms" are at the bottom of the list).

What's happenin'!

We believe that we have one of the most useful calendars we've seen on many web sites.  Please feel free to check out our council calendar to see what's goin' on in our council and in your district.

Scouting Resources on the Web

By policy, the Quapaw Area Council's official web site (where you are now) does not provide links to other web sites.  There are many web sites dedicated to scouting in general and many more individual council and unit web sites.  The vast majority of these sites provide useful information to their respective target audience.  However, there are are a number of cases where a scout-like web site name has been used for very un-scout-like purposes.  Web search sites such as Yahoo and Google are useful in locating scouting related web sites.  Search arguments such as "Boy Scouts" or "Merit Badge"  will get you more hits than you can possibly want.  We strongly suggest that you investigate a web site before providing it's name to your scouts.

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