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Scouting's founders recognized early on that camping provided one of the best opportunities for developing character and helping a boy become a man. In fact, the Boy Scouts of America is widely credited with making camping a part of mainstream America.

Each year, more than 600,000 boys camp at one of the 423 Scout camps and 258 high-adventure camps across North America. While Scouts still learn many of the same skills that have been taught for generations, a week at camp is more than just hiking and swimming.

In fact, a recent study by New York-based Harris Interactive revealed that Boy Scout summer camp increases a youth's self-confidence, improves their decision-making abilities, and helps them develop conflict-resolution skills.

The study, titled the Boy Scouts of America Summer Camp Outcomes Study also revealed that while at camp:

At a time when television, video games, and negative peer pressure interfere with a child's ability to make sound decisions, parents are looking for ways to help their youth successfully navigate these challenging times; Scout camp offers a safe haven for today's youth.

Ultimately, camping provides an experience that reinforces personal values and character, increases self-esteem, and builds friendships. Camping, like Scouting, is adventure plus.

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