1.     Admin building General cleaning (floors, windows, bathrooms, furniture, air grilles)    
2.     Admin building Clean main room interior walls    
3.     Bowen Lodge R&R/erosion control teepee barn driveway    
4.     Bowen Lodge Pressure wash entire building including patio and sidewalk    
5.     Bowen Lodge Fix parking lot erosion as needed.    
6.     Bowen Lodge Add fill as needed behind retaining wall    
7.     Bowen Lodge Grade around storage building for proper drainage as needed.    
8.     OA dance circle Repair/replace cypress benches as needed. Treat!    
9.     All latrines and showers Blow out leaves    
10.  All latrines and showers Pressure wash inside and out    
11.  Camp wide Build picnic tables    
12.  Camp wide R&R trail to parking lot    
13.  Camp wide Sweep debris off all buildings, latrines, and showers roofs    
14.  Camp wide R&R trail from Ridge Top to RW    
15.  Camp wide Trim tree limbs along roads and haul to brush pile    
16.  Camp wide Install “warning” stickers on all propane tanks.    
17.  Camp wide Foam seal all tents frames and latrine doors as needed    
18.  Camp wide Clean propane tanks    
19.  Camp wide Place B-stone/rip-rap as needed along asphalt as needed for erosion control    
20.  Camp wide/short term Pickup deadfall and haul to burn pile    
21.  Camp wide Rake away and burn debris around all buildings, latrines, and pavilions    
22.  Camp wide Repair cots at tent barn    
23.  Camp wide Repair cots in campsites (Replace missing nuts and bolts as needed)    
24.  Camp wide Clean out culverts as needed    
25.  Camp wide Add fill and repair around bridge below DH    
26.  Hendren multi-use Prep and paint all exterior metal    
27.  Hendren multi-use Clean ice room and exterior of ice machine (dust, sweep, mop)     
28.  Hendren multi-use Clean trading post ice bin    
29.  Hendren multi-use Bathroom general cleaning including light fixture and exhaust fan vent    
30.  Dining Hall Scrub tables and chairs    
31.  Dining Hall Repair rotting trim around NE corner of roof edge    
32.  Dining Hall Clean interior walls    
33.  Dining Hall General cleaning (floors, doors, windows, bathrooms, appliances)    
34.  Dining Hall Pressure wash/degrease grill shed    
35.  Dining Hall Thoroughly scrub/clean tile and grout in bathrooms    
36.  Dining Hall Pressure wash exterior siding    
37.  Dining Hall Prep and repaint all exterior doors and gas inlet pipe    
38.  Dining Hall Prep and paint benches at SW corner    
39.  Lake front General cleanup of wood and debris    
40.  All camp sites Retighten tents and tarps as needed    
41.  All camp sites Patch holes in tents as needed    
42.  All latrines and showers Replace torn shower curtains    
43.  Pool showers Replace broken towel hooks on wall boards    
44.  Pool showers Pressure wash inside and out including sidewalks    
45.  Pool showers Check/retighten bolts on roof structure    
46.  COPE Install roosting spikes above pavilion latrine COPE  
47.  COPE Clear brush and dead trees around course as needed COPE  
48.  COPE Repair and repaint benches on high course COPE  
49.  COPE Touch up galvanized paint on equip. COPE  
50.  COPE Prep and repaint tower door and frame COPE  
51.  COPE Check tower structure bolts COPE  
52.  Staff area R&R retaining wall on road edge/erosion throughout    
53.  Shooting Sports Complex Pressure wash entire building    
54.  Shooting Sports Complex Dirt work on berms as needed    
55.  Council Ring Add fines around benches and blocks as needed    
56.  Council Ring Check/retighten bleacher bolts as needed    
57.  Council Ring Add fines on trail to ring as needed    
58.  RSTC Paint flag pole    
59.  RSTC Interior paint touch up as needed.    
60.  RSTC Fill in hole around culvert out front of building    
61.  RSTC Pressure wash patio    
62.  RSTC Pressure wash propane tank    
63.  RSTC Trim tree limbs over handicap parking    
64.  RSTC Clean off DH light fixtures    
65.  RSTC Clean windows throughout    
66.  Southridge pavilion Improve/repair path to pavilion    
67.  Southridge pavilion Repair stair steps as needed    
68.  NP & DW showers Remove light lenses/globes and clean    
69.  Chapel Pressure wash floor, rock wall, and buttresses    
70.  Hall Hendren gate Wash gate