New Event Registration System

As part of an effort to improve the online experience for our volunteers and parents, Tentaroo has been replaced with a new event registration system from Black Pug software. Phase 1 has been completed which includes a new integrated council and district calendar which includes meetings and events. Selecting an item on the calendar will open the page for that item. On events where online registration is enabled, a button at the top will allow registration as a guest or the creation of a new MyRoster account.

Phase 2 will come soon, including a more extensive list of events allowing online registration. In addition, units will be send information on unit accounts with integrated rosters.

If you have questions about how to use this new online registration system, contact Butch Walker at or (501) 664-4780 ext 227.

Simply turn the Red to Green…then Checkout

Registering for an event in Black Pug is as simple as turning all the Red to Green. You will see three stages to the registration that look like arrows at the top. Once one stage is complete, click on the next stage to advance.

Within the page you will see little indicators like these  that show you where information needs to be submitted. Turn all the red into green and you can move on to the next stage. Once they are all green, click “Begin Checkout” and finish. Simple!

More information and paper registration packets can be found on our forms page here.

All forms can be turned in or mailed to:

Quapaw Area Council

3220 Cantrell Road

Little Rock, AR 72202

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