Foothills District Service to Others project

From the beginning, Scouting has been all about service to others, often during times of trouble.  The Scout Slogan: “Do a Good Turn Daily” says it all.  Selling war savings stamps during World War I, supporting Scouting for Food, and participating in Service to America projects to combat hunger, homelessness, inadequate housing, and poor health are just a few examples of some of the nationally sponsored programs in which Scouting has been involved.  Many other projects have been and continue to be conducted in local communities across the United States.

This summer before schools begin in August, Foothills District Scouts, Leaders, and Families are encouraged to perform service in one of the following two ways, or both:

Option 1.  Participate in the Great Arkansas Clean-up.  Contact a local state park, city park, or local government office and arrange to clear away trash and litter from a park area or roadside.  State and local government offices will identify the areas needing to be cleaned and provide trash bags and safety information.

Option 2.  Support a local Food Bank or Food Pantry.  Many local churches, including some that are Charter Organizations of Scout units, host a food bank or food pantry.  What better way to “Do a Good Turn” and provide service to others than to help insure no one in our community goes hungry.

Scouting is family oriented, so service projects should be conducted as a family activity, not as a unit one.  Families of Cub Scout Dens or Scouts BSA Patrols are encouraged to take the lead conducting these service projects.

Published Arkansas Department of Health guidelines that are in effect during the current pandemic must be followed while performing the service project.

Please complete your project(s) not later than August 15th and wear your Scout uniform when doing so.  A form for your use to document the project(s) is also attached.  Take pictures – many of our local newspapers are happy to run a feature when Scouts give service to others.