Join Scouting Night 2018 promises to be the biggest ever!

What has become the biggest night of the year in the Quapaw Area Council promises to be bigger than ever in 2018. While the last several years have seen us recruit over 3,000 new Cub Scouts in one night, this year’s Join Scouting Night should be the largest because of two very important changes: the Lions program for Kindergarteners and the fact that the Cub Scout program is now available for girls.

Join Scouting Night involves bringing the Cub Scout program into virtually every school in the 39 counties in our council area. Staff and volunteers visit each school prior to the big night and invite kids to come back on Thursday, August 23rd at 6:30 to sign up.

This year’s Join Scouting Night also represents the first time that parents will have the opportunity to sign up their children using the new online application process. This new option should help eliminate some of the common errors that occur on paper applications.

Pulling off something of this scale requires a massive number of volunteers to pull off. Volunteers are need to help with visiting schools in the days leading up to Join Scouting Night as well as a lot of volunteers to help sign up kids on the evening of August 23rd.

Would you please consider giving of your time to help get these youngsters started in their Scouting journey?

If you are willing to volunteer, please fill out the form below and someone will be in contact with you.

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