Landon Greer Recognized for Quick Action at Philmont

On July 1, 2019, Landon Greer and his Philmont crew had just finished hiking down Trail Peak enroute to Bear Caves when a sudden thunderstorm began dumping rain and hail on them. At the same time, the temperature dropped 35-40 degrees into the lower 40’s. The crew took shelter for approximately an hour before conditions allowed them to continue on.

They decided to try to get to shelter at Crater Lake where they could dry out and warm up. However, when they arrived they found that other crews had beat them to it and no shelter was available from the rain.

Because the youth crew leader was struggling to decide what to do, the adult advisors urged them to continue on to their destination for the day as quickly as possible so they could get dry and warm. By the time they arrived, the crew leader was have significant issues coordinating his thoughts, was shaking uncontrolably and was not in condition to lead.

Recognizing the signs of hypothermia, Landon took charge and came to the rescue of his friend. He got him into his tent and began calmly but firmly giving the disoriented crew leader step by step directions to help him get out of his wet clothes and into dry ones and then to get warm in his sleeping bag. Once there, he made sure he got food and water and monitored his condition through the night.

In recognition of this significant act of service that put the needs of another above his own and prevented what was rapidly becoming a very dangerous situation, the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America has recognized Landon Greer with the National Certificate of Merit.

Congratulations Landon! Well done!