Easy Ways to Support Scouting

Here are some easy ways to help support Scouting as you do your regular shopping:

Attached you will find detailed information on how to sign-up for the Kroger Community Rewards and Amazon Smile programs. The basic information is as follows:

Kroger Community Rewards 

1.  Go to https://www.kroger.com

2.  Click on the right-hand corner on the Sign In icon

3.  Enter your email address and password if you do not have an account click on Create an Account and follow the prompts you must include your 12 or 13 digit Shopper Card number on the back of your card for you to enroll.  If you do not have a Shoppers Card Kroger will create a virtual card once you enroll. Please see attached form for more information.  

4.  Once signed in you will be sent back to the homepage and then the sign-in icon should have your name, click on the icon and select ‘My Account’

5.  On the left-hand side click ‘Community Rewards’

6.  On that page you will find a place called “Find an Organization” just type Quapaw, click enter and you will see our Organization Name: Quapaw Area Council-BSA, click ‘Enroll’ on that box.

7.  That is it!  Just shop at Kroger and when you cash out just make sure you or the cashier scans your Shoppers Card on your key chain.

Amazon Smile 

1.  Go to smile.amazon.com (do not go on amazon.com)

2.  Go through the Sign-In features with your username and password from your Amazon Account.  If you do not have an Amazon Account, click on ‘Create your Amazon Account’.  Please see attached form for more information. 

3.  Click on ‘Supporting’ on the top at the home page

4.  Once on the new page type, ‘Quapaw’ on the ‘Or pick your own charitable organization:’ and click ‘Search’ then you should see our organization name:  “Quapaw Area Council-Boy Scouts of America”, click Select

5.  That’s it!  Just remember to go to smile.amazon.com to shop.

Can you use Amazon smile with the Amazon app?

Unfortunately, you can‘t use Amazon smile directly through the Amazon app, but there are 2 easy workarounds. … navigate to smile.amazon.com. On an iPhone, press the “share” button, then select “Add to HomeScreen.” On an Android device, press the menu button, then tap “Page”.

Please review and feel free to contact our Senior Development Director, Clay Pruitt at clay.pruitt@scouting.org if you have any questions or need assistance to sign up.

If we as Scout Volunteers and parents can all sign-up this could have a tremendous impact for our Council and Scouts throughout Central and Eastern Arkansas!

Please remember during this time that a Scout is Courteous, Kind and Clean as we continue to follow the Scout Oath and Law in how we deal with each other and those around us.

Thank you for your continued leadership and support of Scouting!