Be a Pacesetter – Receive Free Rank Advancement!!

WHAT:  The Quapaw Area Council is excited to announce it will be continuing FREE RANK ADVANCEMENTS for its Scouts and Units for 2020-2021

WHENUnits that complete four required criteria will receive free rank advancements from 5/1/2020 to 4/30/2021

WHERE:  Free rank advancements and cards can be picked up at the Quapaw Area Council Service Center

HOW:  Units can achieve the Free Rank Advancements by completing these four criteria:

  • Sign up for a Family Friends of Scouting (FOS) presentation by December 13, 2019*
  • Raise a minimum Family FOS goal set by District Leadership** consulting with unit leadership
  • Host a promotion for District Cub Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, or ScoutsBSA Summer Camp at Camp Rockefeller***.
  • Participate in the 2019 Popcorn and/or 2020 Camp Card Sell****

*Family FOS presentations should be Court of Honor or Blue & Gold Banquet.  No Pinewood Derbies, Committee Meetings, or regular meeting nights please.

**District Leadership consists of at least the District Executive and District Family FOS Chairman.

*** Schedule with District Camp Promotion Team, not to be held same day as Family FOS presentation.

****Local District Executive will keep track of all criteria and will approve the rank advancements for units in their Districts.

This form is currently closed. Contact your District Executive for more information.