50 Miler

This program is to stimulate Boy Scout, Varsity Scout and Explorer interest in personal fitness, self-reliance, knowledge of wood lore, and a practical understanding of conservation.

Chartered unit participation is most desirable; however, provisional groups are eligible. This award does not apply if any other is available for a trip.

The Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or Explorer unit or provisional groups must follow these rules for a 50-miler trip.

  • Select a suitable trail or waterway.
  • Adult leaders older than 21 must make the entire trip.
  • If the trip is 500 miles or more from homes of group members (local camp excepted) or crosses national boundaries and into the territory of other nations, a national Tour Permit Application, No. 4419B is necessary. For trips and overnight camps less than 500 miles, use a Local Tour Permit Application, No. 4426.