Rolling hills, thick hardwood and pine forests, mountain bikes and backpackers are not images that normally come to mind when thinking of southeast Arkansas. Yet these are characteristics of the 15.5 mile multi-use Cane Creek Lake Trail. On the dividing line separating two different ecological and geological worlds, the trail provides the opportunity to explore both the towering timber lands of the West Gulf Coastal Plain and the flooded forests of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, better known as the Delta.

Exploring Cane Creek Lake Trail by foot or mountain bike, you will traverse a maze of small creeks that etch their way along deep draws between the steeply sloping ridges of a thick forest interspersed with dogwoods. Then, as you begin to revise your preconceived picture of southeast Arkansas, the trail bends around to open views of a lake filled with tall snags, water lilies, lotus blossoms and, bald cypress brakes. The soundtrack changes from babbling brooks to the jug-a-rum call of a bullfrog. The Delta is here after all.

The Cane Creek Lake Trail offers wonderful opportunities to observe a wide variety of birds, plants, animals, geological formations, that occur where these two natural landforms meet. Take your time while hiking or biking and take in the natural beauty of this trail.

We would like to stress that your help is needed to protect the park land that is yours. If we each leave no trace, it is possible for the thousands of people that travel our trails to leave this natural area just as they found it: a remarkable back country with a single path woven through it.

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