Cub Zoo Safari

The zoo has always been a favorite for Cub Scouts.
Plan early! Call the zoo as soon as you have chosen a date for your trip. Bookings are taken on a first called, first served basis and must be made at least 10 days in advance. Reservations will only be taken during regular business hours.

Be prepared!
Prepare your students for their visit by discussing what they will see at the zoo. Uniforms are recommended to help you identify your group. Each scout will need a pencil. You may wish to have clipboard for each person. (A piece of cardboard with a rubber band works well.) Dress for the weather!

Plan your day! If you plan to eat lunch at the zoo, you may picnic on the grounds or at the park. If you need any help answering any of the questions on the worksheet and you see a zoo staff member, be sure to ask them for some help.

Call 501-666-2406 for group rates, zoo hours and other rules.