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A Life Shaped by Scouting: Dr. David Briscoe

Dr. David Briscoe was born and raised in the rural community of Mars Hill, NC. Though he was growing up in the segregated south in the 50’s and 60’s, he said it wasn’t quite as turbulent as other places because “we were all farmers, and we helped each other.” As the youngest of nine children, […]

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True Brotherhood Knows No Color – 1930s

This is the second article in a series for Black History Month. The first article can be found here.  As early as 1930 the first known African American Arrowmen were inducted into the Owasippe lodge of the Chicago Area Council and became members of the Takodah chapter. During this time, OA chapters were segregated as […]

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Origins of Scouting in the African American Community – 1910-29

Integrated Boy Scout Troop circa 1915

When Scouting started, racial segregation had long been an accepted legal and social practice throughout the United States. Schools, churches, restaurants, movie theaters, public restrooms – even baseball teams – had separate facilities for blacks and whites. Separate but equal was a legal doctrine that justified separation by race and police enforced the law in […]

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