A key tenant of the Boy Scouts of America is that the delivery of a quality program is most dependent on dedicated and well-trained volunteer leaders. Each program area, whether Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, or Venturing, has unique age appropriate program content which will require each volunteer leader to become familiar with before attempting delivery of the program. Most importantly, the protection of the youth in our programs is paramount and supersedes all else. Therefore, it is the policy of the Boy Scouts of America that all adult volunteers complete Youth Protection Training for their area of involvement prior to having direct contact with youth registered in Scouting. All Youth Protection Courses may be taken online or at one of many classroom offerings provided by each district.

Several beginning-level program delivery training courses can also be taken online and most take very little time. More in-depth courses, especially those dealing with outdoor activities, etc. can be completed by volunteer leaders at the district level by attending one of courses that are offered locally a few times each year.

Many Scouters have said, “Every Scout deserves a trained leader”. This adage is very true. A trained leader is also much more effective in delivery the Scouting Program and also less likely to become discouraged while doing so.