Unit Meeting Guidelines during COVID-19

August 10, 2020


Quapaw Area Council; Boy Scouts of America
Risk Management
Unit Meeting Guidelines, Fall 2020
COVID 19 Guidelines


Preliminary Comments:

The Council office has received questions about how to proceed with the Scouting program at the unit level this Fall.  Unfortunately, there are no perfect answers.  This should be obvious to anyone following national news in these COVID19 times.  There is minimal direction on how to operate schools, sports venues, open business, etc.  Whenever decisions are made and guidelines offered, the recommendations are picked apart by media talking heads and their chosen “experts”.  Nevertheless, here are Council guidelines:

  1. The Quapaw Area Council (QAC) recommends that unit meetings and activities are most safely accomplished virtually. The venue is up to the unit.  This is the official recommendation of QAC so long as the current COVID19 pandemic continues.
  2. Any units choosing “in person” activities should never elect to be “more open”, or “less protective” than guidelines of the Arkansas State Health Department (ASHD).
  3. All unit plans for “in person” meetings should be approved by the chartering organization. If the chartering organization approves in person meetings, then protective methods should follow ASHD guidelines unless the chartering organization advises guidelines more protective than the ASHD, in which case the more protective guidelines should be followed.
  4. ASHD guidelines should be the minimal level of safety chosen by a unit.
  5. At this point, recommendations for in person gatherings are as follows:
  6. We recommend that prior to initiation of “in person” activities, units hold a virtual meeting with parents. Parents should be required to participate.  This affords unit leaders    the opportunity to explain plans to parents, hear concerns, and obtain buy in.  These meetings and attendance should be documented.
  7. We do not recommend waivers.
  8. For specific guidelines regarding overnight or day camping please see the following:
    1. https://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/images/uploads/pdf/directive_covid_summer_day_camps.pdf
    2. https://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/images/uploads/pdf/directive_overnight_camps.pdf


For questions, please contact Council Service Center